Why Your Website isn't Generating Sales & How the Grunt Test Will Help

Your website is gaining traffic but you’re not making sales… You’ve tried everything, SEO, social media, email campaigns, content creation etc… BUT, have you revaluated your website!?

More often than not, a website being unclear is what causes businesses to lose potential customers.

One way to help fix this is by using the Grunt Test!
The Grunt Test was created by Donald Miller, the founder of StoryBrand and is a quick but powerful way of evaluating your website.

It’s based on the question that if a caveman viewed your website, could they “grunt” exactly what it is your company does just from looking at the homepage?

If the answer to this is probably a no, then you’re likely to be losing out on customers.

The idea is that the human brain is wired to filter out anything unnecessary or confusing and is instead drawn towards simplicity and clarity. The ‘caveman’ here could be considered as anyone who lands on your website who has never encountered your brand or business before.

So, if your audience doesn’t understand straight away what it is your business does and how you can solve their problem then it’s likely they’ll leave your website and move to your competitors’ site on the next search result.

This obviously isn’t what you want. So, to see if your website is having this effect or not, find someone who is unaware of your brand and show them your website for 5 seconds then ask them the following three questions:

1. What is it that you offer?

2. How will it make my life better?

3. What do I need to buy?

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If your website viewers cannot easily answer these three questions after 5 seconds, your homepage will need to be redeveloped so that it conveys a clear and simple message to answer these three questions.

There are a few easy ways you can do this:

1. Make the headline of your homepage very direct

2. Use pictures of people happily using and demonstrating your products

3. Have a very obvious call to action button on the homepage in the header or menu of the website e.g. ‘Contact Us’, ‘Buy Here’ or ‘Order Now’.

Does your website pass the Grunt Test?

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