Since 2018 Deearo Marketing has been helping premium live event band, The Revue, to streamline their online image. Coming to us with just a logo, their music and a unique identity, the Deearo team were taken to help build a strong and successful brand, increase their online presence and create an advertising strategy that would take their business to the next level.


Starting with a strategic brand review, Deearo were able to build the new Revue website to exemplify the band’s luxury image, appealing to their prospective clients. Our team adapted their social media presence to ensure that it resonated with their ideal clients and launched targeted social media advertisements to increase reach across both B2C and B2B audiences. As an established premium event showband, we adapted their online image to highlight their strengths and showcase their work.


Deearo Marketing has supported The Revue in promoting and expanding the band’s audience base since 2018. The band has benefitted from having increased engagement, enquiries and bookings throughout the year. We are pleased to have worked with The Revue to streamline their brand identity and online presence and continue to support the band with weekly social media management.