2019 Social Enterprise Award Finalists - What Deearo Marketing Does for The Local Community

We are delighted to announce that Deearo Marketing has been shortlisted for the 2019 Social Enterprise Award for the Hertfordshire Business Awards sponsored by Knebworth Estate.

In January 2019, we decided that for our charity support, we would donate a full hour of free consultancy and design to a charity’s team for every 5 hours of work billed throughout 2019 across the Deearo Marketing business. This means that Deearo is volunteering at least 12 hours each week across our team to local charities and organisations.

At Deearo, we understand the importance and value of bringing people together in communities and what impact we can all make socially when we unite and work together. Our strategy for our charity work is to help train small and local non-profit organisations so that they gain an understanding of marketing practices. This means that eventually they are able to do all of their marketing in house. We believe that this strategy is sustainable and long-term because once the organisation understands how they can generate more leads and gain more interest and support; they are then able to continue focusing on helping their cause rather than paying to outsource their marketing.

This idea started with the Kingdom Cause Community back in January this year and we have now been able to expand this help and support to multiple non-profit organisations including the Mind Ed Trust, Balsham Women’s Institute and Wakeboard UK.

For all of the charities and non-profits we worked with, we provided design, event support, website development, brand management, strategy formulation and social media management for free of charge.

One local event which we assisted the management and organisation of during the summer was the Mind Ed Trust’s East Fest – a rock festival in Royston, Hertfordshire, raising money for mental health awareness. We helped the charity and their event with their design, print, branding and promotion. The event was a great success and raised £7500 to support people in the local communities affected by mental health illnesses.

In the same way that we helped the Mind Ed Trust with their branding, we also assisted the Balsham Women’s Institute by designing their logo and developing their brand guidelines. We also used this similar process with Wakeboard UK – a non-profit organisation aiming to help grow the sport of wakeboarding in the UK.

For all of these organisations, we wanted to teach them on how to build their marketing practices to gain their cause and organisation exposure. This has worked well as the Balsham Women’s Institute are now developing consistently branded content across their social platforms and Wakeboard UK are now successfully generating their own leads and exposure by increasing their presence on certain social channels. Although these organisations are now confidently working on their marketing themselves, our support doesn’t just stop there! We are still committed to giving them guidance and completing design work for the organisation when required. An example of this is us continuing to design Wakeboard UK’s highlights photos for their Instagram stories.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with and helping the following community organisations this year:

Wakeboard UK – https://www.wakeboard.co.uk

Mind Ed Trust – http://www.themindedtrust.org

Balsham Women’s Institute – https://www.facebook.com/BalshamWI/

RAF Waterski & Wakeboard – https://www.facebook.com/RAFWaterskiandwakeboarding/

Army Waterski & Wakeboard – https://www.facebook.com/armyladieswakeboard/

Bassingbourn Church – http://www.bassingbournchurch.org.uk

Kingdom Cause – http://kingdomcause.community

We are looking forward to the Hertfordshire Business’ Awards Ceremony and would like to give a big thank you to all of our team for all their hard work this year!

For more information on the Hertfordshire Business Awards Event, please visit: https://www.hertsbusinessawards.co.uk/2019-finalists

Wakeboard UK
Balsham Womens Institute
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