5 Reasons Why an SEO Optimised Blog Is Your Answer to Better Marketing

What on earth is an SEO optimised blog? Great question. We’re so glad you asked. Firstly, you could be forgiven for thinking of blogs as an online platform for whining, winging youths who want an outlet for their angst and an airing platform for their problems. That’s because that sort of is how blogs started. The word blog is short for “weblog”, like an electronic diary and some people used to, and still do, find blogging helps them to organise their thoughts and feelings while making them feel heard. In other news, blogs have moved on from then.

An SEO optimised blog is not a medium for uncapped word limit social media rants. Oh, no, it is quite different. On face value it appears to be a stream of information that is relevant to your business and it gives you interesting content to share on your business’ social media accounts, but it does so much more than that. They are vital marketing tools.

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Here are our top five reasons why we think you should be giving your business an SEO optimised blog:

1. Rank Higher

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimised. That means that these business blog posts are specially designed to help your website ranking on search engines, such as Google. One way it helps your search engine ranking is by alerting Google that your website is consistently posting new content. Google likes that. They are a company devoted to the sharing of information so if you’re doing that then their algorithms will like you more.

Another way they improve your web ranking is by repeating keywords. Keywords are powerful little tags that should relate to what your company does. Repeating these words in seamless writing will mean that when people search for these words or terms, Google will match them to you and provide your webpage in the results. Web ranking is very important for your web traffic because if you are search result number six million then it would take a very determined potential customer to find you. 

Top tip: people don’t have unlimited time to spend trawling the internet for your website. So, whatever you can do to bump you further up the list of relevant search results, you should.

2. Be Social

Barraging people with useless information online is not what we’re suggesting, by the way. If you were thinking that writing a post that contains the words “Ladieswear, boutique, Wokingham”, over and over again in an endless list will boost your web ranking, you’d be wrong. Keywords are great, but there’re no substitute for great content. We suggest aiming for posting an SEO optimised blog article about every two weeks to keep your customers interested, Google happy with your consistency while you avoid bombarding people with too much information.

Whatever you post should be relevant to your field of business, factually correct and above all, it should be what your potential customers want to read. If you do happen to run a ladieswear boutique in Wokingham, then blog posts on the importance of the garter stitch probable won’t cultivate much interest but posts on fashion and which seasonal colours are “in” just might interest your clients. 

Whatever you post should interest your clients while effortlessly incorporating every possible search term a customer might type in order to find your services. Making a blog post optimised for search engines is quite an art but it’s worth getting it right for the sake of posting good, consistent content on your social media as well as your web page.

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3. Keep it Current

In addition to ticking Google’s boxes for fresh content by keeping your blog up to date, it also helps your customers and anyone else who has come across your website to know that you are a present, active company. If you come across a Facebook page for a company that hasn’t posted anything since 2017, your first thought is that they’re no longer trading, and someone never got around to deleting the page. The same rules apply for websites.

A SEO optimised blog can tell visitors to your page that you are a current company who has a large enough customer base to make a blog relevant. Even if you don’t have a large client base yet, there’s no reason to tell them that. Let them think that lots of people are reading your blog content and maybe one more will be now.

4. Be Found

Businesses who have an active blog can increase their web traffic, as we have mentioned, but there’s a little more to it than that. Not only can good blog posts attract more people to your website, but they keep them there for longer too.

Imagine that one of your SEO optimised blog posts came up as a matching result for a web search and the person who searched it clicked on it. They thought the title looked interesting and wish to peruse the content further. Now they are on your website. They wonder what you do, so click on the “about us” button and at the bottom of that page click through to the “our services” link. Now you have a potential customer who knows who you are and what you do who had never heard of you before your blog content caught their eye. That is the aim of the SEO blog game.

5. Get Ahead with Backlinks

Ah, yes. The infamous backlinks. Backlinks are when someone references something on another web page, and they create a link so that the reader can click through to the page easily. Quality content will increase your odds of other web pages linking to your blogs and therefore increasing your web traffic. To encourage backlinks, you can link to other web pages in your SEO optimised blog posts and make sure that your content is interesting to read, relevant and insightful. 

Backlinks will improve your online marketing by encouraging people to visit your website who have not previously heard of you. If you want to know more about backlinks, then Baclinko has insightful posts about why they are important to enhance your online marketing. See what we did there? We just backlinked about backlinks.

So, if starting a business blog sounds like a top-drawer idea to you (how right you are), but you aren’t sure where to start or how to optimise your blog posts then get in touch with us. At Deearo Marketing we understand the importance of an SEO optimised blog for marketing purposes and we are here to help make words work for you. 

Whether you are in need of original content or advice about how to get your blog out there, we’re your guys