The Stafford & Cannock League of Hospital Friends (SCLOHF) is an alliance of volunteers and charity-based retail outlets in hospitals in the Staffordshire area. In 2019, Deearo collaborated with The Design Mill who managed the design elements of this project to create a modern, attractive website that would expand their consumer reach and connect with new volunteers of all ages. SCLOHF’s work in tackling local homelessness through a network of community projects is extremely important, but their online reach didn’t do them nearly enough justice. An optimised website was required to increase their volunteer base, community reach and access to funding.


The website had to appeal to the many different groups of people that might use it, such as the volunteers and fundraisers who work to support the cause, as well as the people they most wished to reach that needed their help. While collaborating with The Design Mill we wanted to create a functional, professional-looking platform to appeal to, and communicate with, the various users that needed to access the website. As part of the increased functionality, a secure volunteer’s area was also built into the website, to ensure that all documents could be easily found behind a password protected log-in screen.


Since the successful creation of their new, modern website by Deearo and The Design Mill, SCLOHF have benefitted from a surge of interest in their organisation, particularly from new volunteers and fundraisers. Making sure they had a website that consistently fit the brand that The Design Mill were creating for them on social media has meant that they have a efficient hub of information to direct interested parties to, encompassing the many branches of their work. At Deearo we are pleased to have made their increase in online reach possible and to have helped strengthen their unique brand presence.