Adapt and go Digital During Lockdown!

With the UK lockdown forcing many ‘non-essential’ businesses to temporarily close, we’ve compiled some ideas that your business can use to digitalise your business!

You might be thinking… “How can my business still operate if we are forced to shut?” Or, “I can’t be more than 2m to a client… How am I supposed to continue my hairdressing or makeup service?”

…Think outside of the box.

There is no better time to diversify your business and take parts online where possible! It just requires some creative thinking and new ideas.

As life has been disrupted by the pandemic, so has everyone’s consumer patterns. Right now, people are looking for things to help them self-isolate. Although this could be a product, it could also be in the form of information, expert guidance, reassurance or entertainment. 

Businesses should be looking at how they can diversify their business to meet consumers changing needs at this time. 

Here are a few ideas your business can try!

1. Optimise your website for e-commerce

If you’re a business which has relied on a physical location for your sales in the past, your website might have served as a shop window, showcasing your products but encouraging them to visit you in store in person. However, now that you are closed, turning your website into an e-commerce store or taking orders by telephone or email should be your next step.

If you’re a local business selling cakes, local produce or handmade gifts, consider if you can carry on with local deliveries. Of course, they will need to be contactless payments made in advance, but this will be easy to do and keep your customers happy.

2. Offer online lessons, tutorials and webinars

With the majority of the country having to stay at home, there will be lots of people out their looking for online courses and things to do!

Imagine how many people there are who would like to learn to play a musical instrument during this time or take online yoga classes!

Consider producing and offering lessons, tutorials and webinars if your business provides services which people could participate in from home.

For example, for nail artists or hairdressers, although you cannot provide your customers with your usual service, why not make videos on beauty tutorials and hairstyle tutorials etc…

If you’re a local restaurant, why not create a video on how to create one of your most popular dishes or desserts from home. Equally, if you are a musician, think about hosting a livestream gig.

Try to think creatively on what your business can do to help others learn and continue consuming from you at this time.

3. Connect locally

Staying connected to your local community and supporting each other in whichever ways you can is a MUST during this difficult period. Not only does contributing to a combined effort go a long way in helping vulnerable people, it will also provide a great support network for you and your business.

If you have the resources to, use this opportunity to adapt your services into making products that are in high demand across the UK. For example, some breweries are now producing hand sanitiser and a number of clothing companies are now producing facemasks instead for their local communities.

Need some marketing support during lockdown? We’re here to help!