Instagram Hacks 2020
Use These Tips for More Engagement!

Instagram engagement is key for getting your brand and business noticed online. Many small businesses owe much of their success to Instagram. They’ve found users who’ll like, comment and share their posts, which helps bring in new customers who’d otherwise never have found them.⁠

Here are a few of our favourite Instagram hacks!

1. Posting when your audience is online⁠

It’s important to post when your Instagram followers are most active and likely to view your content because Instagram’s algorithm favours posts which get quick engagement. If your audience starts liking, commenting, saving and sharing your post as soon as you’ve shared it, there’s a higher chance that the post will appear in more users’ feeds.⁠ The easiest way to find out when your followers are online is by turning your Instagram profile into a business account and then going to your insights tab.

2. Use carousel posts

Carousel posts allow you to post a multi-media slideshow on your feed! These are a great way to showcase a collection of similar photos. Carousel posts also appear not once, but twice in the feed. For example, if your audience doesn’t engage with your carousel post the first time they scroll by it, Instagram’s algorithm will show the carousel post again on their feed, but with a different slide as the cover photo. This gives your content double the chance of being interacted with!⁠

3. Talk, talk, talk!

Instagram for business is not just about posting your own content, to grow your reach and following you must engage with other users’ content. Leave comments and likes on other small businesses posts in your local area. By supporting and engaging with local accounts, local businesses and their followers will start to notice your account and engage with your content too.⁠

4. Layout your Instagram page with a theme

Whether you want to opt for a checkerboard theme or use a certain filter for all of your photos, make sure your Instagram feed is consistent with your brand and branding. If your colour scheme is purple and pink (like ours!) then the last thing you want to do is post content which is inconsistent to this. You can learn more about this on our branding insights post.

5. Create template Instagram direct messages

Instead of manually typing out messages, Instagram now lets you save messages as quick replies. These are great to use when you want to DM your new followers an offer, incentive or information.

6. Remove old posts without deleting them forever

Ever wanted to remove a post temporarily or remove a post and be able to refer back to it? Instagram is now letting you archive posts on your feed so that they’re no longer visible but they can be brought back into the same position if you choose to unarchive them. 

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