Green Box came to Deearo at the beginning of their journey, to take their initial ideas and designs and turn them into a powerful brand. Working with a few sketches and the direction of two very passionate business owners, our brief was simple: combine the stripped back aspects of gardening with modern technology and communication and create something rustic, rural and classic, whilst appealing to a new age of shoppers.


Working towards both digital and print media, we completed a brand map exercise to help us understand and communicate the core values behind Green Box and turn these into strong visuals. We combined the idea of design with the idea of experience to create stand out printed collateral, ensuring that the brand presented consistency and recognition through each design goal post.


We presented Green Box with a full brand package of rustic yet modern material, including signature cards and flyers printed on Kraft card and paper. The combination of high-quality Kraft card with modern elements, such as a modern logo and QR code, enabled us to appeal to the existing audience demographics whilst bringing the concept of digitalisation to the gardening world.