How to Generate Leads and Make Sales Using Email Marketing

Email Marketing Hertfordshire
With so many new marketing trends and strategies becoming available, it can be easy to overlook the effectiveness of traditional marketing approaches like email.

Email marketing is generally less expensive than other approaches and delivers a high ROI per pound spent. Email marketing is adaptable and measurable so you can easily track and analyse how efficient your email campaigns are at driving traffic to your website.

Here’s our top tips on how you can enhance your business’ email marketing campaigns.

Create a Weekly Newsletter

Email newsletters allow businesses to provide useful and informative content for their audiences. If your brand provides tips and articles related to your industry, this will increase your credibility and trust with your target audience which in turn will help them to recognise and remember your brand.

When developing a weekly newsletter, think about what type of information your audience would be interested in and would like to receive regularly. You should also segment your newsletters because they will work better when targeted. You can use segments based on purchase history and website behaviour.

Optimise Your Email Campaigns for Mobile Devices

More than 60% of emails are open and read on mobile devices so if your campaign has not been optimised to fit the screens of smaller devices, your audience might not be able to view all of your content.

Split Test

Split testing is a useful tool to discover which of your campaigns are going to be the most effective in the long-term. It will allow you to analyse the key metrics from each campaign to find out what works well and what doesn’t work as well in terms of generating leads and making sales. From this you can then adapt your campaigns to have a strong proven strategy.

Offer Incentives

If your subject line and content isn’t compelling, even your target audience may presume your email is junk mail. It is important that your email title and first line are interesting and noticeable to avoid this. Try to offer incentives that will entice your audience into opening your email and make those incentives so appealing that they will help close a sale. This will also help to prevent people on your email list from marking your emails as spam so your emails will continue to arrive into their inbox.

Make Your Emails Shareable

If your content is interesting and useful, your audience will want to forward your emails to their family, friends and colleagues. To make it easier for your audience to share your emails you can: Add a button which automatically formats an email for them Add a sign-up link so that people who get the forwarded emails can sign-up to receive your emails easily Add social media sharing links so people can share your email onto their social media accounts

Need Ideas for Your Business' Email Campaigns?