Why is Consistent Branding
Key to Your Brand's Success?

The more consistent your messaging, the more consistent your branding. This can be done via words, design or offering a perspective. Your brand should build an awareness, and this will develop trust and loyalty within your clientele. Therefore, being consistent in your branding is so important on and offline. Also, the idea that anyone, anywhere can recognise your brand even without a logo is so important.

Consumers are looking for something that is different from everything else out there. However, consistent in experience and the interaction that they have with your brand.

Here are 4 reasons why your branding MUST be consistent: 

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1. Consistency Makes Your Brand Feel More Reliable

When you are getting to know a person- you start to develop opinions on them- ideas and assumptions are always based on the interaction that you have had with that person. However, if their actions become untrustworthy and contrasting- for example- if the first time you meet them, they are happy, the next day angry and the following sad- you will begin not to trust them as a person- therefore, your judgement of them will be unpredictable and untrustworthy. This is the same with brand consistency. Developing a seamless experience throughout your brand will make your product more reliable. For instance-why do you always buy the same cup of coffee? Because you trust the product you are buying- creating brand consistency develops trust within your products and once you have bought the trust from your clientele, they will buy from you again and again.

2. Consumers Trust Brands That They Recognise

Purchasing is more of an emotional decision than it is a practical one and engaging the right emotions with a consumer, will make them feel as if they know the brand. Brand awareness isn’t just about being the biggest brand out there- you need to maintain a personal approach with your clientele for them to trust your brand as this will distinguish yourselves from others. For example: if your social media voice is different to the product that you are selling then the consumer will not have confidence in what you are selling and therefore will make your product unrecognisable to the public eye.

3. Consumers Want to Know YOU on a Personal Level

When consumers feel like they know you, they will begin to trust you. They will begin to recognise your ideologies and brand aesthetic. Doing this by interacting through consistency of brand marketing will make the consumer believe that they know you on a personal level. It’s like building a friendship- once your clientele believes they know you on a personal level they will continue to buy off you. Of-course you know that people will love your product but building that relationship with you consumer- it will be that step further between them buying from you once or over and over again, as you will no longer have to persuade consumers that you are the best, as they will already think that you are. ​

4. It's The Difference Between Good Branding and Great Branding

If you already think that your branding is good- then simply by making it consistent will make it great! The key to creating a consistent branding experience across all platforms is to connect with your consumer- believe in your message and trust your gut, know your ONE goal. How do you want to represent your brand and how is this going to seamlessly flow throughout all platforms. Once you know this it will really take you marketing to a new level- as it will not only keep your existing consumers but will be a strong step in the right direction, to gain you new ones also.

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