Four Trends to Help Your Business Bounce Back Stronger After Lockdown

In times of crisis, Britain has had to pull together to keep both its people and economy strong. We are so thankful that we are beginning to see an end, and we are hoping that now is the time to pull together again.

Research has been particularly important to us during this time, as marketers it now becomes our responsibility to help get businesses back on their feet. So here are a few of the trends we’ve spotted, and how you can use them to help your business bounce back stronger after lockdown.

1. Shopping locally

During the last few months, limited transportation has meant that people have begun to look for more local options when shopping for essential products. This has led to a wide scale appreciation for supporting local businesses, and in turn we are beginning to see an increased value for locally produced goods. It is expected that this trend will continue to influence buying decisions, as many of us will continue to support local businesses from farm shops, to local bakeries. Emphasising your friendly service within the community will enable you to offer services and gain clients within your area. It could even improve your brand image.

A good way to do this is by following hashtags on social media which relate to your local area and joining relevant community groups. Take a look at what’s going on and join in the conversation. There may be opportunities for some great local partnerships you never knew were possible!

2. Larger and less frequent purchasing

The way we spend has changed dramatically over the course of the last few months. Recently we have seen shopping habits change in a number of ways, but mainly consumers are making larger but less frequent purchases. This means that businesses may need to cater for larger orders, whilst keeping track of customer demand to be able to consistently provide the quantity of products requested. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to look at the way you process orders, as making your process more efficient, will both benefit your staff and lead to greater customer satisfaction.

Digital services such as Hubspot are great for this, as they allow you to track your past order patterns, so you can predict the amount of products you may need at a given time. You can also note down customer preferences, enabling you to cater for their needs and provide excellent customer specific services. If you are interested in Hubspot and the marketing tools it offers, reach out to our team who can offer a free consultation.

3. Eco-friendly products

There’s been a major conversation about the effects of the world slowing down on climate change as a whole. And consumers have been soaking up a storm of media articles, imagery and videos discussing the direct impact this has been having on our environment. From seeing the new clear waters of the Venice canals, to the eagles that have begun to soar over the UK for the first time in 240 years, we’re becoming more and more aware of our environment. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that we will in turn, begin to make more eco-friendly buying decisions. If your business is using sustainable energy or products from a renewable source, now is the time to shout about it!

4. Purchasing online

During the last few months, shopping online has become one of the few ways we are able to purchase unessential items, and will continue to be one of the safest ways to shop even when businesses begin to reopen. For this reason, digitalising your business is a great asset to have, and could widen your horizons to an almost unlimited customer base. For more information on this check out our latest tips on our ‘’Adapt and go Digital During Lockdown’’ post.

Need some marketing support after lockdown? We can help you out, just get in touch!