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– Andrew Davis

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The Deearo Marketing Blog is full of small business tips, insights and guidance. From branding and website design, to social media management and advertising, we’ve got your marketing, design and strategy questions covered.

Seasonal Marketing
Katie Batchelor

Is Marketing Your Business Important During Lockdown?

There are countless reasons why small businesses should be utilising marketing during lockdown, even if they’re having to temporarily close. Have you ever calculated how much time you spend online? During the UK’s first 2020 lockdown, adults were on average spending 4 hours a day online as coronavirus has changed how we work and communicate.

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Social Media
Katie Batchelor

Instagram Hacks 2020 – Use These Tips for More Engagement!

Instagram engagement is key for getting your brand and business noticed online. Many small businesses owe much of their success to Instagram. They’ve found users who’ll like, comment and share their posts, which helps bring in new customers who’d otherwise never have found them.⁠

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Small Business Owner
Small Business Marketing
Katie Batchelor

10 Marketing Terms Every Successful Small Business Should Know

Many marketing agencies use terms and phrases which can cause confusion or uncertainty if you’ve not heard of them before. As a small business owner, it’s important to have basic knowledge of different marketing concepts, so here’s our quick glossary of the most common terms used every day in marketing.

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