Anima and Amare found Deearo Marketing at the beginning of the 2020 lockdown, whilst looking for a creative agency to help revamp and rebrand their existing interior design business. Our goal with Anima and Amare focused around the portrayal of their brand, ensuring that their creative assets matched the luxury, timeless and sleek services that their existing high-end clients chose them for.


Working to a clear industry standard, we began by collating a broad mood-board, full of inspiration and design preferences. Making use of personas to ensure we fully understood the audience types and behaviours, we began to narrow down the creative assets to demonstrate their position within the interior design industry - minimalistic yet bold, timeless yet current.


After a number of design revisions, the end result achieved everything we had set out to do. With the creatives signed off and the brand journey complete, we began work on the Anima and Amare website, using the identified personas to tailor their website to their key audiences. Fully utilising the work which had gone into the rebrand, we ensured their image and identity was consistent throughout all digital and print marketing.